Christine Castorena

Android Developer

Android | Kotlin | MVVM | XML

Random Joke Generator App

Image of the Joke Generator App

Android app pulling data from an API, generating ten random jokes per call. Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture is implemented to keep the business logic outside of the view files. Features like click to flip the card for an answer and swipe to refresh are included.

Equestrian Vaulting Coaching Android App

Image of the Equestrian Vaulting Coaching App

This is an app I am working on for a very unique sport I coached for several years! It is designed to help coaches create and save routines for their students. UI features like swipe to delete and drag/drop to rearrange items in the recycler view list are included.

The Blonde Bakeshop Android App

Image of The Blonde Bakeshop Android App

This is an app I am working on to accompany the site I made for a local baking business. I am using Firebase and Cloud Firestore as well as Firebase Authentication. Users can reset their password and edit their profile after logging in. The app used Glide to upload images to cloud storage when listing cake options for sale. Validation ensures that fields are completed before attempting to log in and passwords match when registering.

The Blonde Bakeshop Website

Image of The Blonde Bakeshop Website

This is a site I made for a local baking business! I used the HTML5 UP Story template, then modified to personalize the design. I added a pale pink background and changed the font color to tie in with the pictures and create a softer color palette. I also worked with some phone pictures and edited them to look brighter and more professional! I used google fonts to help create the overall tone for the brand and tie it together. One of my favorite parts of this site is the sliding image gallery!

Scraping Text from an Image using Python

Python Text Scraping Thumbnail

This is just a quick video showing how I scraped text from an image using Tesseract for OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It was so fun to do and I loved using it! Hopefully will be putting this into a larger project in the future.